Code of Conduct

  • The sale of liquor and its consumption in our premises is an essential part of our business and management and staff are committed to operating our business in accordance with the laws pertaining to the sale and supply of liquor at and from these premises.
  • It is recognised and acknowledged that the excessive or irresponsible consumption of liquor can be harmful to individuals and the community.
  • It is not our intention or desire to permit or allow our patrons to consume liquor on our premises to an extent that it is harmful to themselves or harmful to others, and we are committed to serving alcohol to our patrons in a responsible manner in accordance with the Guidelines published by the Director of Liquor Licensing.
  • It is our responsibility as licensees and the duty of our employees to identify patrons who are consuming alcohol in excess or in an irresponsible manner.  Management aims to discourage the irresponsible or excessive consumption of alcohol by implementing strategies to prevent or reduce such activity on the part of our patrons.
  • We encourage and require our patrons to consume alcohol on our premises in a responsible manner, and management will require any patron who consumes alcohol irresponsibly or behaves in a disorderly manner to leave our premises in an orderly fashion when requested to do so.
  • We do not permit juveniles who are not accompanied by or under the supervision of a responsible adult to patronize our premises.  The law in respect of juveniles will be enforced at all times.
  • We respect the rights of our neighbours not to be unduly disturbed or inconvenienced as a result of the operation of our premises, and we expect and encourage our patrons to also respect the rights of our neighbours and to behave in an appropriate manner whilst leaving our premises.
  • Management is committed to addressing any complaint that may arise from our activities at the licensed premises or the behaviour of our patrons in the vicinity of the licensed premises and will attempt to deal with and resolve any such complaint in an expeditious and appropriate manner.