In Perth, there’s nowhere better to enjoy delicious coffee and pastry or sandwiches and salads than at the renowned Miss Maud Café where guests can sip coffee, catch up with their latest news and enjoy the European style street scale ambiance under the heritage awning.    Here you can take in the atmosphere of a city that just loves the outdoor life.  Our award winning pastry house – with its delicious tortes including the famous Miss Maud Princess Cake, delicious sandwiches, beautiful pastries and the prized Aussie Pie is a  landmark and a tradition known to all locals. 

You can view mouth-watering photos of our extensive range of beautiful Miss Maud products on our Catering Page.  Delivery and pick up is easy, as you will see.  We can deliver catering to your door or you can pick up your order from the café.

For delivery information and quotes please contact us.